When is a box not a box... when it's a Bakery!

Following our baking theme (5 currant buns & our mini pancakes) we created a Bakery!
This was once our Post Office, but with a few adjustments & a new sign , we were set.

I placed it in our kitchen, & we collected some baking items, homemade playdough, play food & some homemade bread rolls to use in the Baker's Shop.

Minnie had fun making bread, biscuits, & cakes, weighing them, bagging them up & selling them to passing customers. Again she used her cash till & enjoyed counting out the money.

This was such a simple activity to set up, but Minnie had hours of fun with it, pretending to weigh, mix, bake (commenting on hot & cold cakes), serving customers, collecting money, & sorting different items in the bakery.

Our homemade bread in Minnie's chosen bread basket

So much fun with a few simple props & a cardboard box.
Great for encouraging; creative & imaginative skills, language & literacy skills (reading signs, notices & following recipes) maths (weighing, counting, sorting), knowledge & understanding of the world, & fine motor skills.

Minnie made some great playdough birthday cakes, which inspired us to move into the 'big' kitchen & make some real ones for a friend's birthday party.

Minnie's homemade cakes & her decorated box


  1. so fun! love that you made-over the post office. we did a cooking project today too, though your food (and the awesome chef's hat) looked significantly cuter than ours. the girls wanted nothing but shredded wheat (the blueberry muffin kind) and frozen orange juice pops.

  2. Oh your home made bread and muffins look DELICIOUS! And looks like lots of fun play! What a wonderful day!

    Like the idea of the bread as "Easter bread"... will have a go with Red Ted.

    Thanks for linking up again :-)


  3. I have filed this one for later use with kids, I loved your post office set-up as well. Check out my recent post @ http://blog.memetales.com/2011/03/counting-activities-kids-craft/

  4. oh bless her I love the hat! she looks like she is having so much fun, a future baker I think. We run a weekly link up every monday for childrens play ideas, here is this weeks link incase you would like to share your fab ideas

  5. Thank you :) The Bakery is still up & running & today it's producing delicious pancakes ;)

  6. You made it hard for me this week! I really didn't want to feature two posts from the same blog in one week... but you left me no choice! Those speckled frogs were too dang cute and, well, I own a bakery - I could NOT pass this up!!!

    I think my link in the last comment didn't work... so here is the link again to your feature on my High Ten! Friday this week.

    Thanks again for the great ideas!
    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  7. Oh wow! I've been having a look around since finding you on 5 A Day linky. Your blog is fabulous... I'm loving reading your ideas on imaginative play! :) I am your newest follower! :) Can't wait to read more!