When is a box not a box... when it's a Bakery!

Following our baking theme (5 currant buns & our mini pancakes) we created a Bakery!
This was once our Post Office, but with a few adjustments & a new sign, we were set.

I placed it in our kitchen, & we collected some baking items, homemade playdough, play food & some homemade bread rolls to use in the Baker's Shop.

Minnie had fun making bread, biscuits, & cakes, weighing them, bagging them up & selling them to passing customers. Again she used her cash till & enjoyed counting out the money.

This was such a simple activity to set up, but Minnie had hours of fun with it, pretending to weigh, mix, bake (commenting on hot & cold cakes), serving customers, collecting money, & sorting different items in the bakery.

So much fun with a few simple props & a cardboard box.
Great for encouraging; creative & imaginative skills, language & literacy skills (reading signs, notices & following recipes) maths (weighing, counting, sorting), knowledge & understanding of the world, & fine motor skills.

Minnie made some great playdough birthday cakes, which inspired us to move into the 'big' kitchen & make some real ones for a friend's birthday party.