Spray Paint for Toddlers

Before you recycle that empty spray bottle, here’s a fun activity which produces some neat art too!

We used some empty spray bottles, washed out thoroughly with warm water & peeled off the labels.

Minnie selected the paint, added it to the spray bottle along with some water, replaced the top & shook the bottle to mix. (We probably added a little too much water as some paint ran down the paper, so we’ll experiment with less next time.)

Minnie was ready to explore her spray paints, but to get her used to the action of the spray she first had a go with a water filled bottle & used it on the wall. My little graffiti artist set to work! Banksy watch out! 

The water evaporated quickly on the wall as the sun & wind were fairly strong. Minnie thought this was hilarious, & it was great to introduce some science as she explored the water spray.

She did really well manipulating the spray pump, and was keen to use the paint filled bottles so we attached three large strips of paper to the outside of our house (these went all the way to the ground), Minnie collected her paint & off she went.

I was amazed at how well the spray paint worked & the effects it produced. Minnie experimented with spraying the paint close to the paper & then at a distance, & because she loves hand printing she just had to spray paint her hand & add it to the paper too!

Here are Minnie’s finished works of art, I love the speckled effect.

We even did some spray painting inside, & created some beautiful wrapping paper too.