Make your own Easter Egg Bunting with Homemade Spray Paint

My preschooler LOVES painting with these homemade spray paints, so we thought we'd use them to make our own Easter Bunting to decorate the house. The bunting came out so pretty & was so much fun to make. 

Homemade spray paint is super simple to make; all you need are empty, clean spray bottles & some ready-mixed paint. (Obviously, don't use containers that have contained harmful chemicals.)

Once you've washed out the spray bottles, simply add a good squirt of paint & a cup of warm water. Give the bottle a good shake & you're ready to get spray painting! 

We loved the patterns the paint made, so delicate & pretty.

The patterns reminded me of speckled eggs, so I couldn’t resist cutting a few egg shapes out for my girl to paint. Here’s how she got on...

The paper under the eggs produced some great art too!

Once the eggs were dry, I sewed them together with light-coloured cotton to create some Easter egg bunting. 

How cute do they look?! What a fabulous addition to our Easter decorations. We'll definitely be keeping these to use next year too.