Play Dough Pancakes

We thought we’d have a mini pancake race yesterday, so collected Minnie's frying pans, some homemade play dough, & set off for some outdoor fun!

Minnie divided the play dough into the different frying pans & was keen to start flipping the play dough pancakes straight away! She did a great job flipping them up high... but catching them proved to be a little more tricky.

After several races with the pancakes & various toys taking part, Minnie decided to add a little 'something' to her pancake recipe. She collected some dry leaves, scrunched them in her hands & added them to the play dough.

The brittle texture of the dry leaves worked really well with the soft play dough. After a little mixing the dough was still pliable, & fine to use the following day.

Armed with her new pancake mix, Minnie suggested we have a pancake picnic. I grabbed a blanket & some plates, & Minnie set up our afternoon treat on the lawn! I love observing play when it just flows like this - just magical!

These simple play dough pancakes offer so many learning opportunities too. 

Why not hold a family pancake race, or see who can flip their pancake the highest!

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