Spring Nature Hunt

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday that we just had to spend most of our time outside. Yippee!!
Minnie really seems to enjoy birdwatching, & the last few days she has been keenly scanning the garden for signs of any wildlife & signs of Spring. We've been trying to explain that the bulbs she planted way back last Autumn will soon start to grow up through the soil & start flowering, but as you can imagine this concept for a toddler is a difficult one to grasp & we've had lots of; "Now Mummy, now!"

The sunshine inspired us to go on a Nature Hunt to search for signs of Spring & those illusive bulbs! (Now I know Spring doesn't officially begin until March, but we're eager, & just going to check that it is on it's way!) ;o)

Minnie took her homemade binoculars (made craftily from a kitchen towel tube) & Mummy grabbed her camera & off we set.

We took a stroll around our garden to check on our bulbs, & then headed off for a walk to a small wooded area near us. Minnie had fun spotting signs of Spring & discovering a whole host of minibeasts & wild flowers. We also enjoyed burying our wellies in the leaves as you can see!

Here's a little snapshot of what we found...

Minnie had a great time exploring the initial signs of Spring on our nature hunt, next time we head off I'll make sure we take a bug jar with us, so we can observe the minibeasts a little more closely!

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  1. Oh, isn't Spring lovely and it's definitely on its way! Thanks for the inspiration, I can't wait to get out there with my two.

  2. a lizard?!?! Wow. It's so brill now the days are longer too! I only wish I had a child as compliant as yours seems to be!

  3. Thank you Anna, I love seeing those first signs of Spring, hope you guys have fun :)

  4. Hi Niffabird, thanks for stopping by. I think it was a baby newt in the photo; Minnie was fascinated by it & desperate to pick it up. I'm really lucky I have a child who loves being outside & exploring, she's not always that compliant when it comes to coming indoors though! ;o)

  5. Fabulous pictures and idea! I am ready to be able to have a spring stroll here too. Kerri

  6. Thanks Kerri, hope you have a great Spring stroll & some sunshine too :)

  7. Love all the pics---I can't wait fro Spring! I just noticed the beginnings of our snowdrops coming up today and am getting excited! YOur blog is Beautiful!