Tissue Paper Heart Collage

Here's a quick & easy Valentine's gift for someone special.

How to make:
Cut a heart shape out of red paper & cover with glue. Scrunch up/fold/roll small pieces of coloured tissue paper & add them to the heart. Minnie added more glue & stuck on some sequins to add a little sparkle!

To make a framed heart I glued the heart shape to some pink card, & placed then inside an old photo frame.

A beautiful gift for Valentine's Day!

To turn our collage hearts into Valentine's Cards we did the same as above, but stuck the heart onto some cream coloured card & cut around to make a border. We then glued this to a sheet of red card which we folded in half.

These hearts make beautiful keepsakes, & are fun for children of all ages to design & create.


  1. Simple and Sweet! Very nice idea for a last minute gift. Kerri

  2. Ahh, thank you Kerri. Minnie made a couple of these this afternoon for our neighbours :)

  3. So pretty. I must track down some more picture frames as its so lovely to turn what the children do into art to hang up.

  4. Thanks Anna, I completely agree. Minnie is so excited when she sees her artwork in a frame. If you're looking for photo frames I picked up some great low cost frames in Sainsburys recently.

  5. I love how colorful the hearts came out, I bet the kids had fun making them:)
    I also wanted to invite you to an art link up at my blog, I hope you can join in on the fun!!

  6. Really cut idea. Framing makes it POP!