Outdoor Art - Painting with Food Colouring & Raindrops

Here’s a simple way to create beautiful paintings outside with the rain.

What you’ll need:

White card
Food colouring (a selection of colours)
Some rain !

How to paint with rain:

1) Secure some sheets of white card onto a flat outdoor surface using tape or pebbles.

2) Add a few drops of different coloured food colouring to the card (Minnie was keen to do this as you can see)

3) Wait for the rain  (Minnie started to swirl the colours together with a lolly stick while waiting)

4) Once the rain falls, watch your pretty picture take shape

5) Dry off the card somewhere out of the rain before all the colour gets washed away.

The pretty finished patterns would make a great book covering, photo frame, or boarder for artwork. 

We loved this simple activity which encouraged fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, & knowledge & understanding of the world.

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