Hugging Photo Frame - Free Printable Frame to Remember Loved Ones

Make your own Hugging Photo Frame to remember someone special. The free printable A4 sheet includes the frame, arms & stand; all you need are scissors, glue & pens. Ideal for children to make at home, school or any church group. 

There's something about a hug that conveys so much. No words are needed; the embrace says it all. When we no longer see loved ones due to separation or bereavement, those hugs are often much missed.

For some children, remembering loved ones can be difficult, but creative activities such as this can help them explore feelings in a positive, age-appropriate way. The simple action of folding the paper arms to create a hug around the frame can help recall happy memories with their loved one & offer a visual reminder of the bond they share.

For those children who never had the chance to meet a loved one or the opportunity to share a hug, this Hugging Frame allows a connection to be made. Offering a hug with this frame is like giving a hug from the heart.

For children who have experienced the loss of a sibling due to miscarriage or stillbirth, this activity can be particularly helpful. This Hugging Frame is perfect for drawings too. Children could be invited to draw a picture of their baby brother or sister & add it to the frame.

The frame is super simple to make, with all the instructions printed alongside. Children can decorate the frame as they wish before adding a photo/drawing of their special person.

You can download the FREE printable frame here: Hugging Photo Frame For best results, print on A4 white cardstock.

This activity is just 1 of 20 featured in my popular 'Remembering' Pack, which offers creative activities for churches and schools to share with bereaved families in their communities. Find out more about the pack & how to order your copy here: 'Remembering'