Weave an Easter Cross - Exploring God's Transforming Love

This colourful Easter Cross is a tactile craft for all ages to explore. Simple to make with a few items, it explores the sadness of Good Friday, but also the hope & power of God's transforming love.

To make this Easter Cross you'll need:

An offcut of wood or small log (firewood is ideal for this)
5 nails (we used 40mm nails) & a hammer
Colourful wool 

:: Start by holding the piece of wood in your hand.
   What does the wood feel like? Is it smooth or rough? 

The wood reminds us of the wooden cross that Jesus carried through the streets of Jerusalem.

:: Use the pencil & draw a cross shape in the centre of the wood. 

:: Take the nails & hammer one into the top, centre, bottom & the two sides of your cross shape.

These nails remind us of all the hurt that there is in the world. As you listen to the hammer hitting the nails you might like to pray for places in the world where there is pain or sadness, persecution or disaster. 

:: Take a long length of wool & tie one end to the nail in the centre.  Weave the wool around the other nails to create a colourful cross. When you've finished your pattern, wrap the remaining wool around one of the nails to secure.

As you weave the wool think of God's love surrounding all those difficult situations. Imagine God's love like a big hug wrapping itself around all the pain & hurt. The wool reminds us of God's transforming love that heals & brings hope.

:: Optional: decorate the wood surrounding your cross. 

When you've completed it, place your cross somewhere in your house to remind you that God's love weaves through every part of our lives, both the good times & more difficult times too.

You can find a FREE Printable of this activity HERE