Stick Man Chocolate Cakes

We've been inspired yet again by that loveable book character Stick Man & created these yummy Bonfire Night treats. Stick Man just seems perfect for Autumn activities & celebrations, although obviously, we wouldn't want him to get too close to a bonfire! These Stick Man cakes are a tasty simple treat for kids to make & share with friends.

We're looking forward to making some of these with family at the weekend to enjoy whilst watching a local firework display. You can't beat a mug of hot choc & a sweet treat to help keep you warm on a chilly November evening.

What's great about these Stick Man Cakes is that you only need a few ingredients & they're super easy to make. We used: mini chocolate rolls (supermarket brand), chocolate orange Matchmakers, sugar eyes (from the baking section of our local supermarket) & icing pens.

To make each Stick Man we used 2 Matchmakers which we broke up to create 2 arms, 2 legs & a nose. I have to be honest here & say there was some taste testing going on at this point, but hey, that's part of the fun!

We gently pushed the lengths of Matchmakers into the chocolate log to create the arms, legs, & a smaller section for his nose, & then using an icing pen we added a couple of dots to 'glue' the eyes on. We had to hold these in place for a few seconds just to make sure they held in place, then our Stick Man was ready!

He'd be a yummy treat to enjoy while reading his story, or if he sticks around long enough he'd be great to share. 

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