Make your own Stick Man Pencil

We're big fans of the storybook "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson & it's been a firm favourite in our house for many years. Following on from our Upcycled Stick Man we thought we'd create something that might inspire some creative writing & encourage us to create our own Stick Man story. Not only is this Stick Man Pencil ideal for that, but it's also perfect for Forest School activities, & great for encouraging imaginative play. And he's super simple to create too.

We loved our Stick Man Pencil so much that we ended up making more! We finished up with
Stick Man, his Stick Lady Love, & their stick children 3!

These cute pencils not only offer a fun writing tool but also much scope for imaginative play too.
Imagine finding one of these hidden under a log in a Forest School area, & the questions you could ask to spark children's imagination. How did Stick Man get here? Where do you think he's been? What could we use to build him a house/den? What do you think he'd like to eat? How do you think he's feeling?

Our Stick folk have had lots of adventures with the beautiful Autumn leaves creating a great backdrop for them. They've been given acorn hats, & even had meals served in acorn bowls complete with twig spoons!

To make our Stick Man Pencil we used:
'Twig Pencils' - we used the ones linked below which are an ideal size for small hands
Small googly eyes - we used the small ones from the selection below
Thin twigs - we gathered ours from the base of a tree in our garden
Glue gun - (for teens/adults to use in this activity)

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To create our Stick Man's face I glued 2 googly eyes onto the pencil using the glue gun. For the nose, we cut off a small section of the twig (approx 1cm) & I glued one end to our stick pencil. You'll need to hold it in place for around 30 seconds or so, but once the glue is dry the nose should hold strong & withstand most knocks.

Our Stick Man pencil has been well-used & created some awesome autumn themed poems. I'm sure yours will encourage lots of fun & inspire plenty of new adventures & stories too.

Make sure you check out our next post when we'll have a special notebook to accompany these cute little pencils.