Ice Age Excavation - Outdoor Winter Play with Ice

Looking for ways to explore the freezing weather with young children? How about getting creative with some outdoor ice play.

Create your own mini excavation with a few dinosaurs or fossils! This winter play activity is so simple to make, all you need are; plastic containers, small toy dinosaurs, shells, or stones. 

How to Create your Ice Age Excavation Activity

:: Pour water into a plastic dish or container & add your chosen item to excavate later.
We found adding just one item worked best, although it's tempting to add more.

:: If you wish to hang your dino ice up, remember to add a length of string to the water before freezing.

:: Leave the container outside to freeze overnight. Alternatively add it to your freezer. 

:: Once completely frozen, remove the ice from the container & either hang it on a tree for your mini palaeontologist to discover later, or explore & excavate straight away outdoors. 

:: Add a wooden hammer along with some goggles & gloves, & you can tap away until the ice breaks to release the dinosaur or fossils inside. 

:: Alternatively, sprinkle a little salt from your kitchen cupboard over the ice, or pour over a little water & discover what happens. 

Have fun! Who knows what treasures will be discovered!