Winter Ice Play with Dinosaurs

Looking for ways to explore the freezing weather with young children? How about getting creative with some outdoor ice play. Here are 4 simple activities that we've enjoyed exploring over Winter.

Ice Age Excavation
Create your own mini excavation with dinos & fossils!
These are so simple to make with just small toys, shells, & stones. Add a wooden hammer & some goggles & you can tap away until the ice breaks to release the dinosaur inside. Alternatively sprinkle salt from your kitchen cupboard over the ice & discover what happens.

Frozen Word Play
Create a message in the ice, great for encouraging word recognition & spelling.  We used foam for our letters but it you don't have any, plastic or wooden letters/numbers are a good alternative.

Glow in the Dark Ice Ornaments
Make some glowing ice ornaments to explore during the day & evening. What happens when you shine a torch on the glow in the dark stars in the ice when its dark outside?

Let's go Fishing! 
Make & catch your own frozen fish! Perfect for adding some fun to any outdoor space & sharing a giggle with your neighbours!

Whichever ice activity you choose to explore we hope you have as much fun as we've had with them.