DIY Water Wall for Small Outdoor Spaces

There are some great blog posts out there featuring some amazing water play construction areas. We have limited space & resources in our play area, but with just a few recycled containers & a fence we created this...

We used a variety of recycled containers & pipes & started by making a number of holes in the bottom of the containers which would allow the water flow & drop through.

Minnie decided where the containers should go & I attached them to the fence using large drawing pins. (The pins have held the containers securely, but supervision is needed just in case they become loose)

The washing detergent box & milk containers all had lids which Minnie could close, & remove. This was great for experimenting & controlling the flow of the water.

Minnie had great fun exploring, making predictions, observing the movement of the water, collecting it, transferring it, recycling it, & discovering new ways in which the water flowed.

We later discovered that the baby bottles we had attached to the fence made great rain gauges too!

This simple water wall created with upcycled materials is not only great fun to play with, but also a wonderful outdoor area to explore maths & science concepts. I love that it can be played with whatever the weather & can't wait to see how it's played with in the rain.