How to Make Rose Petals Dance - Outdoor Science with Nature

How do you make rose petals dance? Here's a step by step guide.

First collect handfuls of rose petals that have recently fallen onto the ground. Make sure the petals have no bugs or beetles on them & carefully carry them to your trampoline.

Stand in the middle of your trampoline & throw the petals up into the air so that they fall & land around your feet!

Then jump, jump, JUMP! 

As you jump watch how the rose petals 'dance' around your feet.

A great nature inspired Summer activity which offers sensory play as well as plenty of physical play. It's also a neat way to explore a little science & the effects of force, motion & weight. You could try moving your body in a different way, what would happen to the rose petals then, would they still dance? Or you could try dropping a football, tennis ball, or pebble onto the trampoline & make predictions as to whether they would cause the rose petals to move in the same way? Or how about going underneath the trampoline, lying on your back & kicking the base, what would that cause the rose petals to do?

Simple Summer outdoor fun with oodles of learning & discovery too!