No Sew Sock Owls

Celebrate autumn with these cute little owls. Ideal for a range of ages to create as no sewing is required, all you need is a sock! They make great play props or story prompts, & are soft enough to cuddle too.

To make your owl start by folding your sock out flat & cutting a V shape just under the heel. Make sure the point of the V is in the middle of the sock otherwise your owl shape will be lopsided. 

When you've cut the sock it should look like the first pic below. For the next stage you'll need to add double sided sticky tape to the inside of the sock at the open end. You don't need lots of tape here, just enough to stick the edges together later. Your sock should now look something like the second pic below.

Now your owl is ready for the stuffing to be added. Use the section of sock you cut away earlier & fold it into a small rectangular shape to fit inside the base of the owl. This creates a neat base which helps the owl stand upright before the other filling is added. To fill the rest of the owl take 6-8 facial tissues (clean of course!) & gently scrunch them up individually before adding them to the sock/owl. We found 6-8 tissues gave us a soft cuddly owl figure, but you could of course use more or less depending on the size of the socks you use.

Fill the owl until you get to the cut edges & then stick the taped sides together. This is a wee bit fiddly, & the edges may overlap slightly. If this happens don't worry, you can trim along the edges to make them neater. 

Fold the pointed end over & secure with a little double sided tape.

To add the beak, wings, & heart we used scraps of felt that we had from previous activities & attached to the owl using double sided tape. You could use any material, but we found that the felt worked best when using the tape. For the eyes we used old buttons & secured them with the double sided tape.

Voila! Your owl is ready to explore his new home.

These make great little puppets & are just the right size to pop into a pocket or bag making them ideal to take on outdoor adventures too.

Keep your eyes on them though, you never know where they might fly to! 

Be warned too, once you've made one you may find more arriving soon after. My girl has made her own parliament of owls & just adores them! They've been to school with her, & even sit next to her pillow at night.

Such a sweet, frugal craft, & a neat way to use all those odd socks at the bottom of the laundry basket!

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