Autumn Nature Play: Smiling Sunflower Faces

These gorgeous flowers have been brightening our garden for most of the Summer, but now as Autumn appears they're just starting to lose their petals. But before you cut these towering beauties back here's a little activity your kids will love. Here's how to make a sunflower smile!

This simple activity is great for exploring the structure of sunflowers, as well as a little creative fun.

Choose a sunflower which has a head full of tiny flowers & gently rub your finger/thumb across the flowers to create a mark. As you move your finger across the mini blooms they'll fall away revealing the dark sunflower seeds underneath.

What a neat natural canvas to display some outdoor art! And what a great way to brighten up your garden with a crowd of smiling faces.

Minnie loved creating these sunflower characters & each one seemed to have a different expression, although some looked more friendly than others! 
This simple activity is a neat way for young children to practise their fine motor skills & create with nature at the same time. After a few weeks the remaining tiny flowers will fall away & the sunflower seeds can be collected ready to store for next year.
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