Easter Stained Glass Art - made with plastic lids

Turn some old plastic lids into colourful stained glass style art. These make perfect window decorations for Easter & are so simple & frugal to make.

To make them we used a selection of clear plastic food lids (Pringles lids are ideal), coloured tissue paper, a fine marker pen & glue stick.

Before creating a design onto the lid Minnie drew a few Easter inspired images on paper & then chose which she preferred. We placed the lid over the paper & she used the permanent marker to trace her design onto the plastic. 

She then flipped the lid over & covered it with glue.

We ripped our tissue paper into tiny sections which she used to decorate her drawn image. You really don't need much tissue paper for each lid, the thinner the layers of paper the more the image will glow & the clearer the colours will blend as they overlap each other. (If you're not sure where to pick up tissue paper we bought 7 large coloured sheets from a local pound store.)

I love this little Easter Bunny & it's cute expression. 

After leaving to dry we made a small hole in the top of each lid (using a ballpoint pen & plasticine) & hung up with a length of thread.

These are beautiful when lit by the sun, & brighten any dull day.
A great activity to explore design & colour, as well as fine motor skills.