DIY Easter Bunny Ears - with paper straws

I love these super simple bunny ears not only do they look cute, they're also a fun threading activity for kids of all ages to enjoy.

To create our bunny ears we used
 4 paper straws
2 pipe cleaners
1 headband.

We made some beads for our bunny ears by cutting the straws into small sections which could then be threaded onto the pipe cleaners. Straws are a great material for practicing cutting skills & always create many giggles in our house as they ping into the air when cut!

To create our bunny ear shape we bent the pipe cleaners in half & then threaded the beads onto each one, leaving a 1.5 inch gap at the ends to enable us to attach them to the headband.

We twisted the ends of each pipe cleaner together before wrapping them tightly around the top of our headband to secure. 

When both ears were on the headband they were ready to adorn my little Easter Bunny!

These bunny ears would make great favours at an Easter Party, & are ideal to create with a group of kids as they're so simple & frugal to make. They also make cute props for storytelling & imaginative play. 

I hope your little bunnies will have lots of fun & hoppy times with these!