Plastic Egg Planters - Great for Growing & Exploring the Easter Story

Like many parents at this time of year we stock up on those brightly coloured plastic Easter Eggs ready for Easter egg hunts in a few weeks. But recently we've found another use for them & one which means we can use them after Easter too.

We discovered that these plastic eggs make great mini planters, especially for seeds such as mustard, cress, or wheatgrass. We collected some cotton wool, seeds, & a thin strip of card. 

To create a stand for the Easter egg planter we decorated our strip of card with colouring pens & Easter stickers. We used waterproof pens just in case the decorations got splashed when the seeds were being watered. 

To make sure our stand would hold the egg upright we measured the card around the base of the egg & secured with sticky tape. 

We added a small wad of cotton wool which filled the base of the egg, covered with a little water, & sprinkled over the cress seeds. To encourage the seeds to germinate we placed our egg planter on a dish on a sunny windowsill & watered it daily. Minnie was very keen to 'tuck the seeds in at night' placing the top half of the egg over the base to keep the seeds warm! We just had to remember to remove the lid the following morning! 

She was fascinated to observe just how fast these seeds grew, & the visible changes to the seeds within a day. After 5 days our cress had grown enough for us to cut & add to a sandwich. 

We used these little Plastic Egg Planters to help explore the Christian Easter story too. The seeds look dead & lifeless when placed in the egg, reminding us of when Jesus' friends thought he would never be with them again & his body was placed in the tomb. But as the seeds grow & new life appears as the cress forms, it reminds us of the Resurrection of Jesus, that what once was thought to be dead is now alive.

A bag of these plastic eggs can be picked up in most pound stores & the cress seeds are also inexpensive making this a frugal activity if you're sharing it with a group of children. We've since grown herbs in our plastic egg planters, & I love the fact that they're being reused throughout the year, not just discarded at the end of Easter. 

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