Weave your own Woolly Sheep

Here's number 5 of our simple & super frugal activities that you can make with a few items from around your home. Today all you need is some cardboard & a length of wool/yarn! This is so quick to prep & fun for little ones to create. 

I drew a *very* basic sheep outline on the side of a small cardboard box & cut it out, making sure the bumpy outline had deep ridges for the wool to rest in later.

Minnie then took a length of wool & secured one end to the template with sticky tape before starting to wind it around the sheep. 

When she had finished one length she added another, tucking in any loose ends. 

We added some card feet, cutting a slot in the top of each one for the sheep template to rest on. 

A quick easy activity, which is great for encouraging motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, & exploring patterns. Also makes a neat alternative to cotton wool sheep, & offers an opportunity to explore where wool comes from!  

This little fella would make a cute addition to any Nativity hillside, or farmyard play scene!