Photo Peg Angels

Turn your little ones into angels! Not only do these make fun festive decorations, they also make great play figures too!

They're super easy & frugal to make, all you need are some clothes pegs, recycled thin card, a cupcake case, & a photo of your child.

To make our angel wings we flattened our cupcake case & cut it into quarters, then stuck two of the sections onto the back of the peg. We used foil cases as we had them in our kitchen, but plain or decorated cases would work just as well.

We cut a triangular shape from an old Christmas card & stuck to the front of the peg. Minnie then chose a photo of herself from the computer, this took awhile as she loved looking through all the pics! When she was happy with her angelic pose, she printed the pic out on paper before carefully cutting around her face & sticking it to the top of the triangle. 

For a finishing touch we added a pipe cleaner halo, which we stuck to the back of the peg with sticky tape.

These little angels look great pegged onto a tree, but are also perfect to add to any small world play setups, or Nativity scenes. A neat way to encourage storytelling & place your child at the heart of a story.

How about turning turning your family & friends into angels too! Maybe you know a family of 'angels' who would love their own set of these. I think they'd look super cute attached to gift bags, or how about using them as place settings for Christmas dinner!

We made these angels as the one before, but just added arms to the triangle shape.

You could have so much fun with these, how about making one of these as a 'thank you' for your kid's teacher! Fun, frugal, & sure to raise a smile!