Mini Angel Decoration

Here's the second of five frugal festive decorations that kids can easily make from a few recycled items. Today we're sharing our little Christmas Angel. She's perfect for sharing a little love this Christmas, & lots of messy fun to make!

All we used to make our mini angel was a cereal box, some PVA / gloopy glue, a small round bauble, & some ripped up sections of old wrapping paper

We started by drawing around half a small plate to create a semicircle on the inside of our cereal box, along with a basic wing shape.

Once cut out we created a cone shape with our semicircle & sealed with sticky tape. We cut off the point of the cone & placed bauble upside down, so the bauble clasp sat inside the cone. Now we were ready for the glue...

This is where it gets lovely & messy! Using a paintbrush Minnie covered the cone & bauble in gloopy glue & stuck on our sections of wrapping paper. We continued until the entire shape was covered in the gift wrap. To help the bauble stay in place we used our fingers to shape the paper around & smooth out any bumps. My girl loves messy play so this was sooo much fun for her!

Once all the paper had been added we applied another coat of gloopy glue over the enture angel & left to dry overnight.

Once dry you can trim any rough edges, & then stick the wings onto the back of your angel.

The dry gloopy glue turns this card angel into a sturdy strong decoration ideal for eager little hands.

We have quite a collection of these angels now, here's the latest addition to our heavenly host!

These decorations are so easy to make & can be made in a whole selection of sizes, we created slightly larger angels last year, but these mini ones are ideal to share as gifts, or hang from the tree.

Pop back tomorrow to check out our 3rd frugal festive decoration that kids can make.