Make Your Own Reindeer Tree - Threading activity for Pre-schoolers

This Reindeer Tree makes a great Christmas display & is super simple for little one to decorate again & again. 

To make our reindeer we used; a plant pot, a little plasticine, a few small tree branches, & 3 sticky dots.

My girl started creating her reindeer by adding a few strips of plasticine to the bottom of the plant pot, & then pushing in her chosen twigs to make antlers (great for encouraging those hand-eye coordination skills). 

Then she added sticky dots for the eyes & a nose, & drew on a mouth, before adding some brown plasticine to create hair for her reindeer. She then set about decorating him with her Christmas decorations, carefully threading each one over the branches. 

This is such a quick & simple activity to set up, & a fun way to encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills & some festive creativity. The great thing about this Reindeer Tree is that it can be decorated again & again, with opportunities to explore size, weight & number as different decorations are added to the antlers.