Glowing Advent Candles made from cardboard tubes

At last, here are our Advent Candles! Last year we made a traditional Advent wreath using holly & ivy to mark Advent, but this year we've made our own candles. 

Traditionally the Advent wreath has five candles, one to light each Sunday during Advent & one in the centre to light on Christmas Day. To create our candles we collected some cardboard tubes which Minnie decorated with her choice of acrylic paint & (of course) glitter! (Minnie wanted to make a set of candles for Grandma which is why there are so many rolls in the pic below!)

Once they were dry, she painted the inside of each tube & we set aside to dry for about an hour.

To make the cut-out shapes in the candles I gently folded the tube in half & cut out half the desired shape. So for example, to make the heart I cut out this shape.

To make flames for the candles we used yellow foam which we roughly cut into flame shapes, & stuck to the inside of our candles.

The colour of each candle isn't significant, it was just Minnie's choice of paint, but the cut-out shapes signify what each of the Advent Candles represents.

1st Candle - Hope (plus sign, or cross) This reminds Christians that hope is like a positive light shining in the darkness. It encourages us to hope & pray for peace in our world.

2nd Candle - Peace (crown) This is a reminder that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Jesus' light helps us to shine, & helps us find ways in which we can share God's peace with people around us.

3rd Candle - Joy (star) This is a reminder of the star & the angels who brought tidings of great joy, & those who followed them to discover the joy in the stable. As we wait for Christmas Day we pray for those who'll be celebrating the joy of Christmas with us.

4th Candle - Love (heart) This is a reminder of God's gift of love, Jesus.

On Christmas Day we'll light a real candle & place in at the centre of our dining table to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

To make our candles glow we tucked a led tealight under the base of each. As we reach each Sunday in Advent we'll be lighting the candles along with the previous ones. We'll also be lighting them at meal times & when people visit.

They look bright & colourful during the day...

... & they glow beautifully when lit up at night.

These candles have given us an opportunity to talk a little more about Advent & help us prepare as a family for Christmas. I like the tactile aspect of these candles & that children can safely hold, pray, or play with them as they explore Advent.

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