Remembrance Day - Potato Poppy Prints to Paint & Plant

Looking for a children's craft for Remembrance Day? How about these beautiful Poppy Potato Prints. Children will love creating their own vibrant poppies & then planting them in their garden! What a great way to mark & remember this special day.

To make our poppies we sliced a small potato in half, covered the cut side with red paint & then overlapped the potato prints on a large sheet of paper. (We found adding more paint produced clearer prints.)

Once the potato prints are dry, add a blob of glue to the centre & sprinkle over a pinch of poppy seeds.

We've displayed our poppy prints by our glass door ready for Remembrance weekend. A small, simple reminder of those who have done so much for our country, & those who continue to do so today.

When you've finished with your artwork you could plant the poppies in the garden & watch real poppies grow from the poppy seeds. Just cut each poppy print out, dig a small hole in the ground, add your painted poppy & then cover with earth. Next Spring your real poppies will grow & bloom. A wonderful way to remember, & sow seeds of hope for the future. 

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