Glowing Tissue Paper Lanterns

These tissue paper lanterns are fun & frugal to make, & create a beautiful glow perfect for brightening up this time of year. 

We make these every year for our Light Parties & the children have a great time designing their own lanterns. It's wonderful to see the care they take in creating them, & the excitement on their faces when a light is placed inside the jar & their creation lights up.

To make them we use:
Clean recycled glass jam jars (smaller jars work best)
Small sections of tissue paper
PVA glue (Modge Podge) & a paintbrush
Tealight candle / battery operated tealight/ glow stick
Wire & beads / pipe cleaners (optional)

Using a paintbrush we cover the jar in glue, & then stick on the strips of coloured tissue paper to the outside of the jar. Keep adding the sections of paper until the outer jar is covered. As the tissue paper overlaps it creates beautiful patterns & colourful shades.

We used our hands to help smooth out the tissue paper & made sure all the paper was stuck to the jar (this just makes the next step easier). We then set aside the jar to dry for an hour or so.

To create a seal over the tissue paper we paint a layer of PVA glue over all the tissue so the glue covers the outer jar. When this is dry it helps create the jewel like colours of the lantern.

Once dry add your tealight to the centre of the jar. If you're not keen on using a lit candle, battery-operated tealights that can be reused are a great alternative.

To add a handle to your jar you could use wire & bead  handles like the ones we added to our Garden Lanterns below.

Or use pipe cleaners to make a handle by tightly wrapping one pipe cleaner around the neck of the jar & adding another to create a looped handle. To secure the handle thread the pipe cleaner through the one at the top of the jar & twist together until secure. (These are best used with the battery lights)

Great for any party or celebration, & they can be used year after year.