Remembrance Day - Potato Poppy Prints to Paint & Plant

Looking for a children's craft for Remembrance Day? How about these beautiful Poppy Potato Prints. Children will love creating their own vibrant poppies & then planting them in their garden! What a great way to mark & remember this special day.

To make our poppies we sliced a small potato in half, covered the cut side with red paint & then overlapped the potato prints on a large sheet of paper. (We found adding more paint produced clearer prints.)

Once the potato prints are dry, add a blob of glue to the centre & sprinkle over a pinch of poppy seeds.
You can buy poppy seeds from most garden centres. We used Victoria Cross poppy seeds like these which are sold in aid of the Royal Hospital Chelsea (Home to Chelsea Pensioners).

We've displayed our poppy prints by our glass door ready for Remembrance weekend. A small, simple reminder of those who have done so much for our country, & those who continue to do so today.

When you've finished with your artwork you could plant the poppies in the garden & watch real poppies grow from the poppy seeds. Just cut each poppy print out, dig a small hole in the ground, add your painted poppy & then cover with earth. Next Spring your real poppies will grow & bloom. A wonderful way to remember, & sow seeds of hope for the future. 

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