Elf Trees (Paper Plate & Twig Tree)

These cute Elf Trees are perfect for all age groups to create & cost hardly anything to make! They're great for exploring materials, design & construction, & children can decorate them in variety of ways; from paint & pens, to recycled Christmas gift wrap or material.

To make them all you need is a paper plate, a twig, some thread/string, & sticky tape.

To make the top of the tree, cut a paper plate in half & decorate as you wish. Minnie glued on sections of green tissue paper to create the tree below, but decorated others using paint dabbers (bingo markers) pens, & gift wrap.

Once the paint/glue was dry she added glitter glue & sequins to add a festive sparkle to the trees.

We rolled the semicircle into a cone shape, & then stuck the two flat edges together using sticky tape.

These cone Christmas trees look cute as they are, & would make a great winter forest for small world play.

To make our Elf Trees we placed a stick in the cone, & added a blob of Plasticine at the base to allow it to stand up. Again these would be a neat addition to a small world play scene, & an ideal hiding place for an Elf.

To turn our Elf Trees into hanging decorations, we cut a tiny hole at the top of the cone & threaded our cotton through, before attaching the stick to the other end using sticky tape. You could tie the thread around the stick, but the sticky tape is easier for smaller hands to manipulate.

Optional: To help keep the stick straight you could add a small blob of Plasticine to the middle of the cone to hold the stick in place.

I love these hanging trees, they look so magical, especially when the light catches all the sparkles.

A great decoration to hang anywhere for Christmas.
Who knows you may even find some cheeky elves hiding under one or two.


  1. oh they are divine, I know some crafty kids who would love making these!

  2. So cute. I particularly like the sticks - I think they make the trees SO charming. Wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. Oh these are gorgeous & as luck would have it have several paper plate halves hanging around!! Thanks for the inspiration, Kierna

  4. Those are so cute, and what a creative idea!! I would love for you to share this on our Made by or for Kids Linky http://wemadethat.blogspot.com/2012/11/we-made-that-linky-14.html

  5. We made these this week and turned it into a little play scene. What a great craft! Thanks for sharing it!

    Here's a link to our winter forest, if you'd like to see it:

  6. They are great and make great christmas tree decorations too