Olympic Themed Picnic for Kids

There's nothing nicer in the summer than enjoying a picnic outdoors. Living in the UK we've enjoyed summer picnics in the sunshine & slightly more soggy weather too, but whatever the weather there's something special about sharing a picnic with friends.

Picnics are also a great way to encourage children to take an active role in preparing food & picnic supplies, as well as offering them an opportunity to try different foods in an outdoor setting. I think even the most faddy eater can be tempted by something on a picnic.

As we're celebrating the start of the Olympic Games we thought we'd create an Olympic themed picnic, with healthy snacks & a few tasty treats to keep any sports fan happy.

Here's what our sporty picnic contained, but I'm sure you can think of 101 other ideas which your kids will love too.

First up we've got our Triple Jumper Sandwich.

Using a round cookie cutter we cut out 3 circles of bread (2 multigrain for the outside & 1 brown for the middle) to create our triple layered sandwich. We then added our favourite fillings.

Next we added our mini Olympic pizzas (recipe for these is coming up later)

To keep us refreshed us in the heat we added these tasty pole vault Fruit Skewers.

To give our picnic a little crunch we used carrot sticks to create relay batons & breadsticks to represent javelins. Cherry tomatoes made ideal mini shot puts, & for our tasty Winners Fruit Salad we used chunks of pineapple & mango for gold, honeydew melon for silver, & cantaloupe melon for bronze.

We had to include one of our edible medals, these would be great to share with kids if you're having some outdoor games or races too.

As an extra treat we added some athletes (Jelly Babies) along with Olympic rings (Guzzle Puzzle sweets)

Then our fun sport-themed Olympic picnic was ready to share with friends.

Why not hold your own mini Olympics after you've enjoyed your picnic.