Nature Wind Chimes Created With Shells

I've been sharing a few of our homemade wind chimes on our facebook page recently & realised I hadn't yet shared how we created our beach inspired Nature Wind Chimes.

Like most children Minnie loves collecting items on nature walks. Sticks, pebbles, & leaves are all lovingly scooped up & brought home to play with later, so when we head to the beach it's no surprise that a couple of shells find their way back to Minnie's room.

We had quite a collection of shells so decided to create a natural wind chime to hang in the corner of our garden to remind us of favourite beach trips.

To create a small hole in each shell you'll need a bradawl (or another sharp pointed tool) & a small lump of Plasticine/clay. I placed each shell on the clay & gently twisted & pushed the bradawl through to create the hole.

We cut lengths of natural garden twine (string) & threaded the shells through, securing with a large knot at the end.

For our frame we used an old tree branch & tied on each of our hanging shells. Ideally we would've used driftwood but we didn't have a section large enough. We made sure the shells were near each other (but not touching) so that when there was a breeze the shells would gently strike each other creating a restful tapping sound.

Not only does this natural wind chime sound relaxing as it sways in the breeze, it looks beautiful, & sparks so many memories of happy times at the beach.

I think we'll be creating more of these as we collect more nature finds over the summer. They're a great way to decorate any outdoor space & celebrate the beauty of nature.