Discover & Explore a Stroy with Mini Fairy Doors

What do you notice when you look around you? If you look closely enough you might just discover a tiny door hidden in your backyard or kitchen, or perhaps there is one hidden in a nearby tree maybe leading into another world?

These little doors have prompted much imaginative play & storytelling in our house, & most of them started life as recycled paper or card. I drew a selection of simple doors & added a few details with fine marker pens & stickers.

Once they were all cut out I laminated them so we could use them outside come rain or shine. The laminate also made them more sturdy & prevented them being damaged during play.

On some of the doors I added a little clue as to who might live behind them. Can you guess who may live here?

I wonder what event was being celebrated behind this door?

I hid the different doors around our garden & waited for Minnie to find them. This wall was an ideal place to hide a tiny door in the ivy.

Next time you're out check the bottom of your garden shed, you never know what you might find.

These daisy stepping stones gave a little clue as to where one door was hidden.

And how about this residence, could a fairy, mini princess, or elf live here? According to Minnie a giant lives here! But not just any old giant, a magic giant who can make himself big & then really, really tiny!!

Who might live in this tree?

Or in a rock?

Apparently flower fairies live in this tree, & they have a garden around the back where they grow carrots & tomatoes!! Can you guess what Minnie is currently growing in her veggie patch? ;-)

Could this be a house, school, church, or perhaps it's a door leading to an underground tunnel?

This indoor flowerpot would make a great residence for mini gardeners!

Adding a few small pebbles around this door offered more play opportunities. Where could this door be, in a rock, cave, or along a stony path? What could the pebbles represent?

Minnie loved finding this door in our fireplace! The mini stepping stones to the door where able to be moved around, & she later turned them into letters to post through the letterbox! The big question of course is who is the pie for?! ;-)

Adding a few props / characters offers a starting point, or prompt for a story, but who knows where the story will go, & what adventures will take place! The story could go anywhere!

These little doors have encouraged Minnie to create new worlds, & scenarios, as well as reenact favourite fairy stories, & familiar domestic situations. They've been a key part of her outdoor play recently & have been moved around the garden to house ants, frogs, & bears! She has been totally absorbed in the stories she has created & it's been a joy to listen to the descriptions & narrative she's shared.

I'd love to see what kind of doors Minnie would design, & who she would make them for.

So much language, imagination, creativity, & stories to explore! 
I wonder where the next door will take us, & what adventures lie behind it.


  1. Such a lovely, lovely idea! You are so very creative :)

    Minnie is a lucky little lady! x

  2. Brilliant - so open ended and you can have so much fun with the idea indoors and outdoors :D.

  3. This is so creative and it made me want to jump up and start this project, except for the fact that it is 1:20 AM!!! Great ideas here.

  4. This is amazing! I love how creative the kiddos can be with this activity. I can't wait to use these with my little guy when he's a bit older. Pinning for furture use! :)

  5. Woooow! This is so sweet and creative!

  6. This is a beautiful idea - I love it! Definitely one for the 'for future use' pile

  7. This is simply ADORABLE! You have such wonderful and beautiful ideas! Will be doing this SOOOOOON!

  8. Such a wonderful way to encourage imagination and storytelling!

  9. Catherine, these are just so gorgeous. I have seen little wooden ones in the forests we go to but love this idea. Thanks so much for adding it to link up & have to share!

  10. These are so fun! What a great idea and they turned out so cute. My girls would freak out if they found one of these little doors around our yard.
    Thanks for sharing this on the outdoor play party.

  11. What a wonderful way to inspire storytelling!

  12. What fun! Those doors really do look magical! Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party!

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  14. These are really cute. I keep seeing lovely wooden ones. It didn't occur to me make one out of card. Genius