DIY Flower Sprinkler made from a Milk Carton

Recently in the UK we've received news of water shortages, & hosepipe bans have already come into force in some regions. We all know water is a precious resource & recently in our house we've been thinking about how we can save more in simple every day actions.

Minnie loves watering her newly planted seedlings with water collected from our water butt. She has to transport the water across our garden & inevitably there are some water spills along the way! We thought we'd have a go at creating a DIY flower sprinkler that could hold all the water with no spills, & be easy for little hands to transport & use independently.

We found an empty milk carton, & pushed several small holes in using a biro.

Minnie independently filled the sprinkler, replaced the lid & got watering! We filled the carton up to the first set of punched holes, obviously if you add water past these holes a few drops will escape!

The sprinkler was easy to use, & when it felt there were fewer drops coming from the container Minnie simply tipped it back & forth to allow more air to circulate, & continued to water the plants as before. A great way to explore a little science too!

We thought we'd experiment & make another sprinkler. This time we made a few holes in a milk carton lid & left the container as it was.

This one proved effective too & again was ideal for little hands to use, with minimal spills! Yippee - no more wet legs!

It also encouraged Minnie's hand-eye co-ordination & motor skills as she focused on specific targets plants to water.

A fun way to introduce water conservation & recycling.

The bottles are also an ideal size & shape for scooping water from baths, basins etc so that household water can be reused in the garden too.

For more ideas on how to recycle good ol' milk cartons check our our garden scoops & homemade planters here