Super Cool Cloud Dough

If Minnie had to choose her Top Five sensory play activities I guarantee this would be there! It's one of those activities that she regularly explores, but I never get round to writing about! We first came across it on the fabulous Pre-School Play site & it proved to be a massive hit with my little girl.

The recipe for cloud dough is simple:
4 cups of flour
½ a cup of oil
(we used baby oil, but any cooking oil can be used instead)

We added our ingredients to our messy tub (the same one we used for the pumpkin gloop play) & Minnie mixed the flour & oil together until the mixture looked like breadcrumbs! If we had had a bigger container I think we would have doubled the ingredients to make more of this wonderful sensory stuff!

The smell of the baby oil added another sensory dimension & the texture was fascinating to explore! Just like wet sand the mixture can be moulded into different shapes & crumbled. 

The soft feel of the dough has been such hit with Minnie & she loves to use her kitchen utensils (& mine) to explore the dough! She loves mixing it with wooden spoons, & squashing/squeezing it with her hands.

Our potato mashers & wooden meat mallet have proved a bit hit too! Great for pounding/flattening the dough, & creating patterns.

Many cakes have been made, as well as a varied selection of 'dinners' for all the toys!

This week Minnie discovered that adding these ice cube trays (the same ones we used for our soaps) made great mini heart moulds.

As she plays she independently adds her chosen items from around the kitchen (the room where we tend to undertake all activities which could get messy) & it's wonderful to follow her discovery. Here's a selection of items she added to her cloud dough tub last time.

The latest addition to her cloud dough discovery has been drinking straws! They've been pushed into the dough, & then cut into smaller sections. The shorter straws have been used to create a number of ingredients for her cloud dough cakes & meals!

And when you've finished with the dough it can be added to a sealable bag ready for next time.

This super cool dough is amazing to play with & explore, & if you haven't already made some, why not go try it out. I bet you'll soon become a fan! ;-)

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