Homemade Heart Shaped Soap

 These beautiful little soaps not only make cute gifts, but are a fun way to explore a little science! With the recent winter weather we've been discovering the properties of snow/ice, & what causes them to melt. All of this led neatly into this activity where we explored how a solid transforms into a liquid, & then becomes a solid again. 

To make our soaps we used:
* a soap base (available from craft stores or Amazon) 
* a few drops of any essential oil
* liquid soap dye
* glitter (optional)
* ice-cube moulds

Minnie started by cutting our block of soap into smaller sections with a blunt knife & added them to a pyrex bowl. While doing this we were able to explore weight, texture, scent & the translucent appearance of the solid material.

To melt the soap we placed the bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, taking care no water was added to the soap. Minnie (under close supervision) stirred the mixture occasionally until the solid soap had melted. The trick is not to stir too much, otherwise you'll finish up with a bubbly frothy mixture. 

Once all the solids had melted I transferred the liquid soap into a jug & left to stand for a minute. Obviously the liquid is incredibly hot at this stage so Minnie observed this process. 

To colour our soap Minnie added just a couple of drops of the liquid dye before gently stirring it into the soap. She loved watching the colour change, & the patterns it made as it moved through the melted soap.

To add a scent we stirred in a couple of drops of lemon oil, but any essential/aromatherapy oils can be added. 

Holding the jug together, we poured the red liquid into the ice-cube trays. After we had filled half the heart shapes together, Minnie independently filled the remaining shapes. You have to work fairly quickly at this stage as the mixture starts to solidify. This is a great process to observe & feel! Minnie gently pressed her finger onto each soap to feel the change in texture as they gradually became cooler & firmer.

We love a little sparkle in this house so couldn't resist adding a little glitter to the soaps! We used edible glitter as it has such a fine texture, but any glitter can be added. Minnie sprinkled a fair amount over, as you can see! If you wish to have glitter throughout the soap just stir it in using a teaspoon, or leave the glitter on the surface to create a one sparkly layer.

Leave the soaps to set for a couple of hours & then gently just push them out of the moulds.

The smell & feel of the soaps had Minnie captivated & she was so proud to have 'made' her own. We've wrapped these soaps in a little paper to share with friends as mini Valentine's Day gifts, & kept some at home for sparkly bath times!

These make great little gifts for family & friends & would be perfect for Valentine's, or Christmas.


  1. Beautiful soaps and so many learning opportunities!!

  2. I was talking to Anna at The Imagination Tree about Soap Making today and she mentioned you did soaps! I can't believe I didn't see these sooner, they are GORGEOUS! And make such a fabulous gift! Can't wait to give "soap making" a go!!

    Maggy x

  3. Wonderful little soaps :) Shared here http://siayla.blogspot.ca/2014/01/got-hearts-try-these-heart-craftsjust.html

  4. We made Valentine soap on the weekend. So much fun! We also tried doing layered soap but the split apart. Not sure why