The Smiley Snowman Storybook & Craft

Super simple spinning snowmen, made from 4 paper plates & a couple of sticks.

These look really effective when hanging from a ceiling or shelf, & are a great opportunity to explore shape, colour, number, design, & fine motor skills.

To make a snowman you'll need:
4 paper plates
Glue & scissors
2 Sticks (we collected ours from the garden)
Black paper or pens
Material/paper for a nose
Thin ribbon or wool
Skewer or another sharp instrument to make a hole through the card
Glitter - optional (but always essential in our house!!)

How to make:
1. Stick 2 paper plates together to make a head, & repeat with 2 more plates to make a body.
2. Add eyes, nose, buttons etc using paper shapes, or pens. (Minnie used a scrap of orange felt for a carrot nose & buttons to decorate her Snow-lady.)
3. Using the skewer make a hole in the top of the 'body' plate, & top & bottom of the 'face' plate. This is to create a hole to thread the ribbon through.
4. Thread the ribbon/wool through the holes & secure. Leave a little ribbon hanging to create a scarf effect. Thread another piece of ribbon through the hole at the top of the head plate to hang the snowman up.

5. Decorate with glue & glitter (optional)
6. Make 2 holes on either side of the 'body' plate with the skewer. The holes need to go through just one of the plates so the stick arms can be posted through.

7. Hang up somewhere where you can see your super snowman spin!

And when your snowmen (or snow-ladies) are finished, how about sharing this beautiful book together. With its glittery pages & imaginative storyline 'The Smiley Snowman' is a great book to read alongside this craft. Just make sure you keep one eye on your snowman!