Homemade Gift Tags & Gift Wrap with Cookie Cutter Prints

We're trying to get ahead with our Christmas preparations this year, so we've been getting all festive with paint, paper & cookie cutters to make these super cute gift tags.

Christmas cookie cutters are a prefect size for Christmas gift tags & they create the cutest festive prints. 

We added our paint to kitchen paper to help reduce the amount of paint on the cutters & then printed our designs on to thin cardstock. Once our prints were dry, we cut around the shapes.

We always have loads of scraps of ribbon which are often too short to wrap around gifts, but these scraps were ideal to make loops for the top of our tags. We simply stuck these to the card with a little tape. Minnie than added some details. I think these would make great decorations too.

Minnie wanted to do more printing the following day, so we used a larger roll of paper with the same cookie cutters. We're going to use this as our Christmas gift wrap for family presents this year.

I love our homemade matching gift wrap & tags! A unique design, at very little cost... & another item ticked of our Christmas To-Do List! 

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