Sensory Play: Pumpkin Goop / Oobleck

If you follow us on facebook you'll have seen the photo of Minnie choosing her pumpkin. She eventually selected this one from the middle of the field! We're still deciding exactly how to decorate our pumpkin, but thought we'd start preparing it now.

Firstly we washed it (which was a fun messy water activity in itself!) & once the mud was off, it was ready for a hug. :-) 

After I cut around the top, Minnie removed the lid & discovered the contents! Her hands were soon in the pumpkin scooping out the seeds & pulp.

We love playing with goop (oobleck) in this house & these seeds just seemed a perfect accompaniment for some seasonal gloopy messy play!

We added a packet of cornflour to a large shallow plastic box. This box works really well for indoor messy play, as most of the mess is contained but it still offers enough room for exploration & play. (I would recommend covering your floor if it's carpeted... the gloop does tend to spread!)

The cornflour provided some great sensory exploration even before the water was added

We mixed a few drops of yellow & red liquid food colouring to cold water to create a orange(ish) pumpkin colour, & added to the cornflour (a little at a time)

Minnie mixed until the cornflour & water were combined & the mixture was thick. (Take care not to add to much water or the mixture will become too runny & won't have that 'magic' quality!)

Our pumpkin goop was ready to explore...

Minnie wanted to 'cook' with the goop so added a whisk, but soon discovered it was impossible to use as the mixture became firm when pressure was applied. She added a variety of spoons & a spatula which provided great tools for mark making.

Then Minnie decided it was time to add the pumpkin seeds & pulp!

After more mixing Minnie excitedly told me she'd made 'pumpkin soup' - yumm!! ;-)

But goop like this just has to be explored with your hands...

We found the goop became runnier as the pulp was mixed in, so added a little more cornflour to the mixture to return it to it's original consistency.

Soon pots, plates, forks & a mini frying pan were added to the play, & Minnie was making 'pumpkin soup' for all her toys, followed by 'pumpkin pancakes' (thank goodness she didn't want to flip them!!)

The consistency of the mixture was great to hide things in, & Minnie couldn't resist a game of 'hide & seek'. Just where could that plate be? ;-)

So much messy, sensory fun & discovery from one pumpkin! Love it!

I think we'll add some toy tractors & other farm accessories next time we use pumpkin goop, or how about some plastic spiders for spooky messy pumpkin play!