Funny Pumpkin Faces

Remember our Pumpkin Gloop? Well we finally got round to decorating the pumpkin today & I am proud to say this is what Minnie came up with! What a talent for styling she has! ;-)

Introducing Patsy the Pumpkin!

I was all set to carve a design on the pumpkin but Minnie was desperate to paint it & knew exactly what she wanted to create.

With her chosen colours she created Patsy's face, adding blue ears on either side. She then attached some very stylish red play dough earrings & finally added the hair! Minnie is keenly exploring hairstyles on her dolls (& herself!!) at the moment so it's not really surprising that the pumpkin also ended up with a beautiful bouffant!

Patsy has been sporting many looks with her pink & yellow statice flower locks!

Check out this Mahican...

And these stylish black raffia creations...

Hair accessories were added to this one to create pigtails! Of course the best thing for my little hairdresser is that this 'hair' can be cut & trimmed to her hearts content! Thankfully there have been no requests for the hairdryer yet! ;-)

This has become such a creative activity & one which evolves daily! The imagination of my 3 year old never ceases to amaze me & make me smile!