Storytelling with Light

Sleeping in a tent is always an adventure. Minnie gets thoroughly excited by the whole experience, so to try & settle her down in the evenings on our recent camping trip I took along ‘The Game of Light’ by Herve Tullet, which Minnie had recently received as a gift.

This was perfect to explore in a tent. Once lit with a torch the cut out shapes on each page almost danced around the sides of the tent, encouraging much imaginative play & storytelling. Each page of the book has a different theme with corresponding cutout shapes; flowers, day, night, seashore, & emotions, all of which take you on a magical journey.

Both the book & the glow in the dark shapes helped Minnie to focus, wind down & join in the storytelling. When we finished sharing stories we sang a lullaby together & watched the shapes glide across the side of the tent as we sang. It was such a chilled, relaxing experience for everyone. Fabulous!

Inspired by this book, we thought we’d try making light pictures with stencils when we got home. We used these Usborne Stencil Cards which Minnie had for Easter. These made great bold patterns on the wall, & were an ideal size for Minnie to hold in one hand as she held the torch in the other.

Minnie enjoyed exploring the different sizes & shapes she could create as she moved the cards closer & further away from the torch, seeing how fast she could move the shapes around the room, & creating more stories with light.

We’re still reading / playing with The Game of Light, such a brilliant book full of fun & learning opportunities. I don’t think storytelling in a tent will ever be the same again!

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  1. Fantastic ideas- Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase!