Storytelling with Light

Sleeping in a tent is always an adventure. Minnie gets thoroughly excited by the whole experience, so to try & settle her down in the evenings on our recent camping trip I took along ‘The Game of Light’ by Herve Tullet, which Minnie had recently received as a gift.

This was perfect to explore in a tent. Once lit with a torch the cut-out shapes on each page almost danced around the sides of the tent, encouraging much imaginative play & storytelling. Each page of the book has a different theme with corresponding cutout shapes; flowers, day, night, seashore, & emotions, all of which take you on a magical journey.

Both the book & the glow in the dark shapes helped Minnie to focus, wind down & join in the storytelling. When we finished sharing stories we sang a lullaby together & watched the shapes glide across the side of the tent as we sang. It was such a chilled, relaxing experience for everyone. Fabulous!

We’re still reading/playing with The Game of Light, such a brilliant book full of fun & learning opportunities. I don’t think storytelling in a tent will ever be the same again!