Homemade Pink Milk & Rainbow Cookies

This post is dedicated to Charlie & Lola & possibly one of their biggest fans!

I have this little girl called Minnie.
She is small and very funny!
One of Minnie's absolute, bestest favourite things is pink milk! After seeing how much Lola loved it she just had to try it for herself.

Here's our Pink Milk Recipe (makes 1 glass of pink milk)
100ml of cold milk
150g fresh strawberries (stalks removed)
1 small ripe banana (peeled & chopped)

Pop the strawberries & banana into a blender, add the milk & mix until smooth.
Pour the pink smoothie into a glass & serve.

Of course for pink milk to taste its tastiest you absolutely need to drink it through a coloured straw!;-)

Along with pink milk Minnie also loves rainbows! She likes to draw them, paint them, sing about them & read about them. But the best thing is seeing one appear in a sunny sky after the rain!

To accompany her Pink Milk we made a batch of these gorgeous Rainbow Cookies inspired by the fabulous recipe at Red Ted Art!

Minnie followed Maggy's recipe which you can find here. We used Dr Oetker food colourings (red & yellow both natural, & blue, green). Together we mixed a few drops of colouring with sections of the dough. The mixture was a little sticky, but we wrapped each colour separately in clingfilm & left it in the fridge for a couple of hours to set.

Once each coloured dough was unwrapped we rolled them out one by one & then layered the colours together. We cut off the rough edges to form a neat straight oblong shape.

We cut off small slices & gently moulded them into an arch shape.

After a few rainbows, Minnie was keen to go for some swirled rainbow circles!

Great for exploring colour mixing & patterns

We popped them in the oven (180c) until cooked (about 10-15mins) & then set them aside to cool on a wire rack.

Minnie enjoyed one of these alongside a glass of pink milk, & was excited to share the rest of her creations with family & friends.

She did keep one back to enjoy the next day with some yummy cloud (yoghurt)!

Mmmmm, completely & extremely yummy treats to enjoy!

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