Decoupage Picture Frame - Recycling with Magazines

How to turn a neglected photo frame into a work of art...

Last week I came across a selection of picture frames that I'd bought for displaying family photos. Sadly one had become damaged, but as I watched Minnie cutting & sticking with her scrapbook I had an idea.

How about a decoupage style frame.

I've seen some beautiful decoupage sheets to buy, but with a little hunting around we found some frugal alternatives. We collected some old magazines, fliers, junk mail & got stuck in with our scissors. Minnie wanted to make a flower frame so we cut up as many floral pics as we could find. We cut the paper into small square-ish shapes to fit easily across the frame.

Once we had a good collection of flower pics we added our gloopy glue to the frame & started attaching them. (I covered the glass in the frame with paper & then realised the glass could be removed! It was so much easier for little hands to manipulate the outer frame with nothing in the centre.)

Minnie had a great time applying the paper & spreading the glue here, there & everywhere. The great thing with the gloopy glue (PVA/Mod podge) is that it dries clear, so it doesn't matter how much is applied (luckily).

Minnie decorated this frame over 2 days. When she had applied all the paper she covered the whole frame with the gloopy glue, which when dry would create a glossy finish. We left to dry overnight, before adding our photo.

I loved the final result! I was just thinking where we could hang it when Minnie announced she had made it for Grandma!!  Lucky Grandma! :-)

This frame was so cheap to make & could be made with a variety of papers...
How about cutting up an old map to decorate a frame

Or you could use leaflets/adverts from places/attractions you visited on your holiday, making a perfect frame for your holiday snaps.

And if you don't have a photo frame at hand, a simple alternative is to use a cereal box cut into a frame shape. A frugal, fun activity, which also makes a beautiful unique gift!