Homemade Natural Confetti & Confetti Pot

We've got some weddings coming up this summer & thought we'd have a go at making our own confetti to use at the ceremonies. We needed to keep all the pretty confetti safe too so we created a gorgeous confetti pot. Here's how we got on.

We went on a hunt around our garden to look for inspiration & found lots rose petals - perfect natural confetti! We collected as many petals as we could & then spread these out on a wire rack to dry for a few days.

Once they were dry our petals were ready to use.

Now all we needed was a confetti container. I've seen confetti cone holders at weddings before, but the thought of my 3yr old swinging one of these around a church is something that fills me with fear! We needed a container with a lid!

We had a rummage in our wonderful recycling box & found an empty Pringles tube, which I cut to create a smaller container. Minnie then wrapped & glued her choice of paper around the tube.

After adding LOTS of glue she rolled the tube in her choice of sequins & shiny shapes.

When it was dry we made two holes on opposite sides of the container, threaded ribbon through & secured with a knot. (I knew that recycled gift wrap ribbon would come in handy for something!)

Our container was almost finished. The original lid for the Pringles tube was a little loose when sat on the top of our container, so Minnie glued a length of ribbon around the top of the pot, giving just the right amount of thickness to secure the lid. The confetti was added & Minnie was off to practice her confetti throwing!

We shortened the length of ribbon slightly as Minnie had started to lasso the container around flowerpots! Once shortened we added a bow & our confetti container was complete!

It was perfect for little hands to independently collect the confetti.

Minnie is very pleased with her environmentally friendly Confetti Container & thinks it's magic that she can 'make' her own confetti in her garden!