Sledge Fun - Whatever the Weather!

Is your sledge reserved for just snowy days?
We have many adventures with ours throughout the year... whatever the weather!

Obviously, we love using it in the snow...

But have so much fun with it on sunny days too!

Minnie loves sledging along the grass, & squeals with excitement as the sledge turns & slides in different directions. Although the sledge slides well on dry grass, it's much easier to pull along when the grass is slightly wet from the rain.  It's great to use for water play too! 

And when Minnie has finished having a ride, she takes the toys for a tour around the garden! This is no leisurely trip & more often than not the toys fly off on route!

For Minnie the sledge has become a bus, boat, & a train!
In the past, we've built a simple obstacle course for her to pull the sledge around,
with ramps & slides made from upturned boxes.

The play opportunities with this are endless!
A great activity for encouraging physical play & imagination.
Where will your sledge take you? ;-)