Multi-sensory Play with Herbal Teas

Here's an activity which started in the kitchen & quickly moved outside to the garden!

Minnie found a couple of teabags in the kitchen which she ripped open, poured the contents into cups & began to add water. When the water began to flow I thought we'd take the experimenting outside!! So armed with a selection of herbal teabags (mint, chamomile, raspberry, ginger & lemon), loose tea, cups, teapots, spoons, scoops, & water we set off for some multi-sensory play in the garden.

This activity allowed all the senses to be explored...

Smelling the teabag before adding water...

...then smelling the tea infused water.

Sampling the teas..

...clearly some teas were less tasty than others! 

This white medicine spoon was great for transferring tea from one container to another, & exploring the different colours & ingredients.

Pouring with large & small containers was great for exploring weight & capacity

The herbal teas produced some beautiful colours too!

I'd had a selection of loose teas sitting at the back of the cupboard for ages, & today seemed a good day to explore them!

The tea was great for mixing with & without water.

Fancy a cuppa?

As you can see Minnie had a lot of fun, & began to add small leaves & grass from the garden to the teas

And at the end of the activity all the empty teabags & remnants of the natural tea went straight onto our compost heap - perfect!

Minnie loved exploring & experimenting with this tea, & it was great to hear her commenting on the discoveries she made. I love that it was such a simple, inexpensive activity where nothing was wasted, & one which provided hours of fun.

I should add that Minnie had chosen her own headwear for this activity! Afternoon tea out deserves a stylish hat! ;-)


  1. Your blog is adorable! I just found you on Twitter, High Paw just did a shout out to your ice cream parlor play time. I am so excited to be your newest follower!

  2. so much fun!! tea is one of our favorite things to play. we have a plastic set we keep in the bath too, for the two year old... she can pour and pour and pour and not make a mess!

  3. Tea! What a wonderful idea. I know J would just love this. He adores smelling things whilst yelling at the top of his voice….'looook muuuuumy….smells lovely'. We aren't a tea drinking family but I'm going to get some in my next shop. Love this idea.

    Thanks for sharing with our Outdoor Play link-up

  4. So cute! I just shared it on FB!

  5. What a wonderful sensory experience - I can almost smell it from here!

  6. This looks like fun! Maybe we'll try this during the summer!

  7. Cathy @ pre-schoolplay18 May 2011 at 21:17

    I love this idea and so will my little ones. Why haven't I thought of giving them teabags!

  8. What a lovely idea. We have lots of mint growing in the garden - we could make our own house blend couldn't we?

  9. Using the senses in an 'organised' way is done very rarely in school & yet gives so much opportunity for learning. Thank you for linking to the RC. Do help yourself to a badge!

  10. Most awesome!

  11. I loved this post the very first time I saw it! My little has had great fun making tea concoctions, and even painting with tea. Isn't it amazing how long this stuff can sit in your cupboard lol