Garden Snails - made from recycled CDs

In the last few weeks we've been starting to decorate our small garden area. To add a touch of colour & to try & keep the birds away from our seedlings we created these gorgeous Garden Snails made from old CDs. We've since named them Sydney & Sophia, & I think they are one of the cutest upcycled crafts we've made.

To make our Garden Snails we used 2 CDs, a large lolly stick, & elastic thread. 
We started by gluing the lolly stick to the bottom of one of the CDs using a hot glue gun. Then using more glue we covered the remaining side before placing the other CD over the top. To make the antennae, we stuck 2 short lengths of elastic between the CDs. We added eyes & a mouth to the lolly stick our snails were finished!

We felt our 'Sophia Snail' needed a little more colour, so we decorated her shell by weaving some old remnants of wool & pipe cleaners in & around the CD. This is great for developing those fine motor skills & perfect for encouraging hand-eye coordination. 

To complete our Garden Snails we added a length of elastic which we threaded through the centre of the CDs so they could hang over our freshly planted Spring seedlings, & hopefully scare off any birds who may be feeling peckish!

This is such a fun recycling activity for kids to make & a really simple way to repurpose old CDs. These snails are sure to add some creative colour to any outdoor space, & if you bring them indoors at the end of the Summer, they'll be ready to protect your seedlings in the garden again next Spring.

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