Garden Snails - made from recycled CDs

We've been gardening recently & have started to decorate Minnie's small planting area. To add a touch of colour & to try & keep the birds away from our seedlings we created these gorgeous Garden Snails, who have since been named Sydney & Sophia! 

These stylish upcycled snails were made from old CDs &lolly sticks.

To make them I covered one side of a CD with superglue & stuck the lolly stick to the bottom of the CD. We then added a little more glue to the lolly stick before sticking the other CD on top. To make the antennae, we stuck 2 short lengths of elastic in between the CDs next to the lolly stick. After adding eyes & a mouth Sydney was finished!

We felt Sophia needed a little more colour, so Minnie set to work decorating Sophia's shell by weaving some old remnants of wool & pipe cleaners in & around the CD.

Minnie then threaded her snails onto a length of elastic so we could hang them up in the garden.

Our two recycled snails make great garden decorations & will hopefully deter any hungry birds or rabbits who may be tempted by our newly planted spring flowers & sunflowers!

These snails are great for encouraging creativity & design, hand eye-co-coordination, & fine motor skills.

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