Monster Play Dough Wall Plaque

Play dough is a wonderful thing! It can be created in so many ways; in a whole variety of colours, textures, & scents, but often it's returned back to its pot once it's been played with.

Minnie had been playing with a set of play dough & craft goodies a friend had bought her. She'd been carefully choosing which items to add, & finished her creation off with a couple of googly eyes, & shells from a recent beach walk.

Her creation looked amazing. She proudly told me; "It's a monster!"  She wanted to hang it on the wall, so we thought we'd experiment. (I know homemade play dough dries very hard & tends to break up, but I had no idea what shop bought play dough would dry out like.) I made a small hole in the back of the monster so we could hang it on the wall if the play dough dried OK.

Minnie created two more works of art, which she independently turned into puppets by adding lolly sticks. I love the flower detail! ;o)

A Fish

A Bird

Love the funky green beak & yellow feet!
We left all Minnie's creations on our kitchen windowsill, & after a couple of days in the warm sun the dough had dried out completely & become solid. It had also retained it's colour.

There were a few small cracks around some of the many sequins Minnie had added, but I don't think they're really noticeable when the monster plaque is on the wall.

The lesson I've learnt is don't ditch the dough! The dough Minnie used was 'Soft Stuff Dough' from Early Learning.

It's great to keep just some of those special play dough creations which so often get remolded & returned to the pot!