20 Reasons Why it's Great to Get Gardening with Kids

Gardening offers so many opportunities for young children whether they have a large open space to explore, or a few containers on a patio, the benefits are plentiful.

1) Gardening is a multi-sensory activity for all ages to enjoy.

2) It's a pleasurable experience that can create memories that last a lifetime.

3) Children can choose what they wish to grow, & take ownership of their gardening project.

4) It offers an opportunity to ponder, wonder & appreciate the beauty of nature.

5) It offers seamless links to maths, science, language & literacy, art & creativity, knowledge & understanding of the world, & so much more.

6) It can encourage an interest & enthusiasm for nature & our living planet.

7) It offers a chance to discover & explore minibeasts, insects & their varied habitats.

8) Gardening enables children to understand that their actions have an impact on the earth.

9) There are endless opportunities to learn about the weather & it's effects on plants & insects.

10) It provides a hands-on opportunity to explore the life cycle of plants. How great that in Spring you can plant a sunflower seed, collect seeds from the plant in Autumn, & grow again next Spring!

11) Gardening is an inclusive activity, any age or ability can take part.

12) It offers opportunity to develop both fine & gross motor skills.

13) Gardening can offer valuable interactions between young & old, parent & child, & between peers. It can be a great social experience where we learn from each other.

14) Gardening can build self-esteem, offering a sense of achievement & satisfaction.

15) Gardening is an activity that's available throughout the year, from Spring -Winter there is always something to grow & nurture.

16) Growing a plant enables children to nurture & care for something living. 

17) It provides an opportunity to explore the seasons & why some plants only grow at certain times of the year & in certain climates.

18) It encourages children to think about where their food comes from. Do all foods come from our country, if not how far do they have to travel to reach us?

19) It can encourage children to recycle & reuse resources. Creating up-cycled planters, reusing rainwater, & making homemade compost are all simple actions children can take to make their gardening experience a little more eco-friendly.

20) Best of all, homegrown food is organic, cheaper that shop bought produce, has no air miles & always tastes so much better! And of course, gardening is fun!

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