20 Reasons Why it's Great to Get Gardening with Kids

Gardening offers so many opportunities for young children whether they have a large open space to explore, or a few containers on a patio, the benefits are plentiful.

1) Gardening is a multi-sensory activity & is available throughout the year.

2) It's a pleasurable experience that can create memories that last a lifetime.

3) Children can choose what they wish to grow, & take ownership of their gardening project.

Everything tastes so much better straight from the garden!

4) It offers an opportunity to ponder, wonder & appreciate the beauty of nature.

5) It offers seamless links to maths, science, language & literacy, art & creativity, knowledge & understanding of the world, & so much more.

6) It can encourage an interest & enthusiasm for nature & our living planet.

7) It offers a chance to discover & explore minibeasts, insects & their habitats.

8) Gardening enables children to understand that their actions have an impact.

9) There are endless opportunities to learn about the weather & it's effects on plants & insects.

10) It provides a hands on opportunity to explore the life cycle of plants. How great that in Spring you can plant a sunflower seed, collect seeds from the plant in Autumn, & grow again next Spring!

11) Gardening is an inclusive activity, any age or ability can take part.

12) It encourages fine & gross motor skills.

13) Gardening offers great opportunities for interaction between young & old, parent & child, & between peers.

14) Gardening can build self-esteem, offering a sense of achievement & satisfaction.

15) It offers children a chance to actively explore what helps a plant to grow (heat, light, water, soil etc).

16) Growing a plant enables children to care for & nurture something living.

Preparing the onions before planting

17) It provides an opportunity to explore the seasons & why some plants only grow at certain times of the year.

18) It encourages children to think about where their food comes from.

19) It can encourage children to recycle & reuse (e.g. creating recycled planters, using rainwater, making homemade compost, etc).

Our recycled planters

20) Homegrown food is organic, cheap to grow, & always tastes so much better! 

And of course gardening is fun too!