DIY Dramatic Play Set Up: Shoe Shop

Now we all know that a girl loves her shoes! I just had no idea how much my little girl would love these shoes though!

Having seen how much Minnie enjoyed a recent visit to a shoe shop, I thought we'd create one for her at home. We collected various shoes & wellies from around our house, some of Minnie’s old shoes & baby shoes, along with different sized shoe boxes.

Minnie's baby shoes. It's hard to believe her feet have grown so much!

We created a paying area around our sofa, & added a couple of chairs for the customers, with a mirror so they could check out their purchases.

Minnie was soon taking on the role of the shopkeeper & happily served me & her toys, finding shoes, bagging them up, sorting money & handing out her till receipts.

One happy customer!
Minnie checking to see if the shoe fits!

Sorting the shoes & matching pairs
I loved the way that she explored & compared the size & shape of shoes, & matched pairs to corresponding shoe boxes.

Soon Minnie was the customer & enjoyed trying on all of the shoes, especially mine! She was fascinated to see how much her own feet had grown too.

Minnie loved unwrapping the tissue paper to discover the shoes in the box
Walking around the room to check the fit was right!

After serving the customers in her shoe shop Minnie ran off & returned with a ruler. She then began measuring her dolls feet & her own, before drawing around them... & around mine! We cut out the footprints & compared the size of our feet.

Measuring the width of feet

Drawing around her feet

Our footprints

Minnie continued drawing (with a little bit of help) around her dolls feet. I suggested they might like some shoes so we set to work on making some bespoke footwear.

Doll's footprints

These footprints became the soles for our dolls shoes

Minnie decorated a strap...
... & stuck it to the doll's footprint to create our shoe!

Here are our stylish shoes!  They're our version of a basic birkenstock! ;-)

What do you think? I have to say I think the recipients were happy with the new footwear.

This role play area has been so popular with Minnie, & it’s been great to observe how it’s encouraged her creativity, language & maths skills.

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