Salt Dough Easter Eggs for an Easter Tree

We love making an Easter Tree ready for Easter Day, & every year we make new decorations for it. Our favourites are these salt dough Easter Eggs & Butterflies, simple & frugal to make, & a beautiful way to brighten up the house ready to celebrate Easter.

We made this tree last Easter, & can't wait to get creative with one again this year. 

To make our salt dough decorations we use:
1 cup of plain flour
½ a cup of salt
½ a cup of warm water

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl & then slowly add the water until a dough consistency is formed. Then give the dough a good knead, & it's ready to use.  

To make Easter decorations roll out the dough & use your chosen cookie cutters to create your Easter shapes. We added a hole in the top of each shape (using a straw) & left them to dry on a wire rack in our airing cupboard for a couple of days. You can dry them quicker in the oven, but we found drying them in the airing cupboard prevented any bubbles & cracks froming in the dough.

Once the salt dough shapes had hardened, we painted them with some pearlised paint, left to dry & then threaded some ribbon through the hole.

To make our simple Easter Tree we collected some branches from the garden & added them to an old plant pot. We secured the branches by pushing them into plasticine at the bottom of the pot then added some pebbles to give the pot some weight.

We then decorated our Easter Tree carefully threading each ribbon on the branches. This really is a great hand-eye coordination exercise for little hands.

And our Easter Tree was ready for Easter! I love the bright bold colours on the decorations, just like those fabulous bright Spring flowers appearing everywhere. 

These decorations will last for years if you wrap them well in tissue or kitchen paper, & keep them away from any moisture. We have quite a collection already! 

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