Handmade Button Flowers!

Thought you might like to see our latest threading activity, this time we’re creating cute button flowers to decorate our kitchen.

To create our bouquet I cut some simple flower shapes out of pastel coloured card, & then added two small holes in the centre of the flower (using a ballpoint pen). 

Minnie & I decorated the flowers with coloured pencils & paint dabbers.
She then chose the pipe cleaner she wanted to use & threaded it through the card. It’s great to see how confident she is with threading now & how much care she takes.

She then added a button (beads) to the pipe cleaner & threaded it through the other hole in the flower shape. We then twisted the pipe cleaner at the back of the flower head to secure, & our flower was complete!

The great thing about using pipe cleaners to thread objects is that they are sturdy & easy for little hands to manipulate.

As Minnie enjoyed this activity so much we made more flowers to give as gifts & wrapped some pretty ribbon around the pipe cleaner stalks to make a mini bouquet.

A perfect gift for Valentine's, Mothers Day, or any day of the year! Plus they're less expensive than a real bunch of flowers & these ones last forever!